Indeed Instagram cares about its users and doesn’t want them to get hurt. 

That is why Instagram doesn’t notify you when someone cuts you off from their social circle and blocks you from their Instagram. Humans are curious creatures, and they want to know the names of people who don’t want them around on Instagram. How can you tell if you have been blocked on Instagram?

In this article, I will answer how do you know if someone blocked you on Instagram? Can I see who blocked me on Instagram? And what happens when someone stops you on Instagram?

Tools to check if someone blocked you on Instagram

You see multiple websites and applications claiming that they can tell who blocked you on Instagram. But they never work.

Because technically, there is no way some application can notify you if someone blocks you.

Who Blocked You?

If you recently notice that a person who used to engage with your posts and was your DM partner, you haven’t heard from them in a while.

Or you notice that your Instagram feed isn’t showing posts from a particular person.

There is a possibility you cannot see the posts because they haven’t been posted in a while –or you may have blocked them.

Here’s how you can check if they blocked you on Instagram.

Ways to Find

There is no science in finding out for sure it’s not even that hard.

There are several easy ways to know, regardless of the version of Instagram you use –Desktop, Android, or Apple.

I’ll teach you some old-fashioned detective work to find out who blocked you on Instagram.

Searching –to know if someone blocked me on Instagram

Searching is the best and most straightforward way to find out about your blocker. Although, you need to try searching differently for public and private accounts.

Here we go,

For Private and Public Accounts Both:

Searching for a person who had a private account is much easier. Open the Instagram Application on your Android or iPhone and tap the Search icon to direct you to Explore page.

Hit the Search tab and enter the Username of the person’s Instagram.

If you cannot find the Account, then most probably they have blocked you. 

Search their Instagram Profile:

If you are not satisfied with the method mentioned above, you can try the sure-shot way to know.

The key is by finding the path to reach their profile page on Instagram.

Now the thing is, you cannot access the page by searching.

Search by Old DMs and Post Comments:

However, you can do this by looking for old comments or old Instagram DM chats.

You can access their profile by tapping on the username mentioned in that old chat. 

Now, if their profile says “This Account is Private,” it simply means that they removed you as a follower or switched to a private account.

This action also means that they blocked you from their Instagram and then unblocked you after a while.

That may be the reason you are not in their Following anymore.

What does it look like being blocked?

But if the Instagram Page shows “No Posts Yet” and cannot find their “Profile Bio,” and the Following and Followers counter says Zero, you have to believe the bitter truth that they blocked you out of their Instagram.

You can also see “User Not Found” on your way to accessing the Instagram Page. This phrase means that you are blocked.

Access from Web:

Another way to confirm if you are blocked or not is by visiting the person’s Instagram profile directly from the internet.

This technique only works if you know that person’s Instagram Username.

Go to your web browser and tap on the URL bar.

Type “” (you can replace Kristen_chloe with the username you want to search) 

After hitting the search button, if Instagram shows that “Page Not Found,” “We Can’t Find What you’re Looking For,” or “ERROR 404”. If you see any of these, they might have been blocked you, or there is an excellent possibility that they deleted their Instagram Account.

Use Friend’s Account

The last thing you can do to be sure, use a friend’s Instagram Account.

You can search for the person from your friend’s account, or you can easily create another Instagram Account to check.

This way, if you get access to their pictures, bio, additional information, and stuff, then it’s pretty clear that they blocked your previous Instagram Account. 


If you have tried everything mentioned above and still cannot access that particular person, you need to swallow this hard pill that blocked you from their Instagram, and they don’t want you around.

You can also block anyone on Instagram if they are misbehaving or you find their content disturbing.

Instagram allows you to keep your distance from people you don’t like. You can be in your friendly space on Instagram!